Rahu Ketu Pooja

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Rahu Ketu Pooja – According to Hindu Astrology, Rahu and Ketu indicate the two points of the crossing point of the ways of the Sun and the Moon. They move around the divine circle. The way that obscurations happen when Sun and Moon are at one of these focuses offers the fantasy of gulping of the Sun.

Rahuis one of the nine well known astronomical bodies in Indian texts. Rahu is a shadow entity, unlike the other eight bodies. It is the one that causes eclipses and is also believed to be the king of meteors. Rahu represents the ascension of the moon in its precessional orbit around the earth.
According to some accounts in Hindu mythology, Ketu belongs to Jaimini Gotra. Whereas Rahu is from Paiteenasa Gotra. Thus both are totally different entities having distinct characteristics but are two parts of a common body. Ketu is generally called as a “shadow” planet. It is believed that it has a tremendous impact on human lives and the whole creation as well. 

The Rahu is of female and Ketu is of neutral. Rahu is the significator of otherworldly information and Ketu is the karaka or significator of Moksha or the last freedom, as relationship significator. Rahu oversees maternal grandparents and Ketu indicates fatherly grandparents.